Easy to bend

Thank to currugated form, Ospen can be bent freely and easily laid around obstacle

Continuous length

With continuous length it help to save cost and time needed for installation works

Mechanically strong

Corrugated form give Ospen high flatening-strength with less material. Ospen does not collapse in the ground

Allow easy cable pull-in

Available pulling steel wire make it easy to pull cable.


An Đạt Phát & Ospen

HDPE Flexible Pipe is getting widely used in under ground power and telecommunication cable protection.

An Đạt Phát Group is the leading manufacturer of Ospen pipe in Vietnam for:

- Best product quality with very competitive price

- Advanced and latest prodution line

- Solid partner with Flexibe Solution

- Client serivces with heart.

Ospen Flexible Pipe

Flexible Pipe (FEP)

Widely used in protecting underground power cables

Full range diameter from smallest 25mm to largest 250mm. 

Continuous length up to 1,000m/coi

How to select the right Ospen Flexible Pipe

Guide to select pipe

A utility helps to select suitable pipe size depending on:

- Cable size

- Cable type

Ospen Flexible Pipe Quotation

Ospen Quotation

Download price quotation of Ospen flexible pipe

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