Delivery & Transportation

To sastify any demand at your site.

Time is money. Thank to our network of plant and distributors countrywide On-time delivery is our commitment at any demand and place

Accuracy - Fast - Convenience is our service that can meet your need

 We always give the best affordable cost of freight and fastest delivery to you. In some cases your order may be carried with other's one for cost saving but it must be informed and accepted by the customer.


Delivery schedule is informed when your order placed in the quotation sent to you.


Contact to customer to fix the time of delivery before the orders are leaving our stores


Phone customer in 30 minutes before getting customer's site by dirvers

For larger order or customer's site is far from our stores, a call shall be placed in 2 hours for well preparation of receiving. 


Plaese leave your feedback for our service by contact our sales or office.

 Delivery time depends on the order quantity and distance from our store to customer's site. Because of our widespread of plants and stores from North to South, we always are proud of our best delivery service for customers.

From 1-3 days


Orders palce in morning


Orders palce in afternoon

Delivery in 2-3 hours.